We’re attracting amazing young songwriters from across the UK and Ireland!  Have a listen to the inspirations for some of our week 2 entrants songs:

Zoom Out “its about how I choose to deal with my problems. Being a 16 girl I feel the world moving too fast for myself to keep up, when something gets difficult its seems so big, but over time I’ve realised that the world moves on and me and my problems are so small compared.

All My Best Music Comes From Petrol Stations “It’s about a guy who’s travelling and is pretty happy about it but also keeps running out of music and food and it’s kind of about the dangers of living in the moment. It’s also inspired from when a friend of mine explained how he keeps finding CDs on the floor of petrol stations. I thought this was quite an interesting idea: that the music that he listens to is the music that has been forgotten by others that were simply stopping by whilst travelling and has been picked up by another, doing the same. The message of the song is that there is a balance between ‘living now’ and planning ahead”.

Find “I wrote this song because I went through a phase at home where I felt out of place. I wasn’t doing great at school and I was a bit down. I lost my way a bit, messing around and getting in trouble. So this song is about how it felt worse being away from what I was used to and where I felt safe even if times were tough and that whatever happens, home and what is familiar to you is the best place to be”.

Hold me forever “I was in a relationship last year which basically fell apart for lots of different reason but I was trying to hold onto what we had left and it wasn’t working. I wrote a song as I find it the best way to put emotions across”.

You’re so hypnotising “So there is this friend who i have known since year 3 and we were an ‘item’ for around 4 years. Then i found out he liked my best friend so i told him to go with her and leave me. This song is about all that and how i felt after everything ,even 4 years later, now that he doesn’t even talk to me properly”.

This is our chance “What inspired me to write this song was the fact me and my boyfriend were going through some tough times. The song is about saying how we now have this one chance to make things right. It says how we need to keep out the dark and start following the light. It says how we don’t need to forget but we need to move on from our mistakes”.

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We’ve had a fantastic start to our Young Songwriter 2014 competition!  Budding young songwriters across the UK and Ireland are sending in their own original songs about things that matter to them.  It’s amazing hearing what inspires them to write songs.  Have a listen to our featured songs of week one here: 7-12 year old entrants and 13-18 year old entrants and see below what they’re all writing about.

So what are they writing about?  7-12 year olds are writing inspiring songs about what it’s like growing up and being happy with who they are and having fun in the moment, things they love like sleepovers and playing the guitar, the importance of a family and remembering loved ones.

Here are some great lyrics from our 7-12 year olds entrants;

Growing Up “Growing up is harder than writing a song, Writing a song is short and growing up is long, For growing up there’s no technique, Just be yourself and be unique. I’m growing up, just take me for who I am”.

Photographs”When photographs were of present times and everything just went in rhymes I just want it all back”

Sleepover “It’s a great day We’re having a sleepover No sleep, just movies and songs Tonight we’re gonna party forever.

Guitar Zone “I’m strumming my guitar…and I’m singing in a dream And the words just keep on flowing and I feel so happy”

Proper Family “I need a proper family, someone to be there for me, someone to comfort me, a daddy and a mummy. Just trust me”

Our 13-18 year old entrants are writing about relationships and love – the spontaneity of the moment you first realise that you have a connection with somebody, opening up and trusting people, the first mistakes, arguing about futile things, being wild with friends, breaking up, getting back together, impact of hurtful words.  Also many uplifting songs about living your life to the full and accepting people for who they are, the balance between living now and planning ahead, how small we are in the world but if we take more interest in the world we’ll be bigger within the vast world.

Here are some great lyrics and song titles from our 13-18 year old entrants:

Zoom Out “Deep in this world. Deep in this whirlwind. It’s moving so fast. No one notices what’s past. Living for the now I can’t look to my future. From one day to the next. Running after the times. Trying to keep up with deadlines .You’ve gotta zoom out za za zoom out”

Stand Tall “If you can conceive it I believe you can achieve it”

Amigos Amigas “Now you’re sitting here telling me that I’m out of line. I think you’re out of key, we should be singing the same melody.  You’re my alarm slash lullaby.  My enemy salsh alibi.  I’ll slash jealousy like a samurai”

Here I am “You give me the daylight when I can’t afford the sun you make me feel like I’m the only one.  You give me the night sky when it’s bright you make me feel like I’m going to be alright

Better Than Goodbye “Deep brown eyes and a burning desire to change the world Don’t look back, we’re flying high above, ten feet tall, held up by our love”

When In Rome “You’ve got a pocket full of dreams and a fear of flying, no space to grow your wings so I’ll lend you mine. One word from your lips and I’m seeing stars”

If They Only Knew “Someone saw the damage, someone saw the marks, someone saw through the false pretences, someone saw the scars, someone saw through her, right from the start, someone saw the missing pieces, in this girl’s hear, she felt crazy she felt mad, she felt useless, she felt sad she was tired she felt so alone, if only someone knew, if only someone had known”

Don’t Cross The Line “Took me to the edge We’re running out of time But I’m begging you Pleading you Don’t cross the line”

United “For a day, for a minute, for a second.  Why can’t be just be united”

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