Something that is hugely important in separating a good song from a great one is the use of adjectives. When a song creates a picture in a listener’s mind it means it has engaged with the senses – sound, sight and feeling – for when you are able to visualise something it makes you feel a certain way. For example in Carrie Underwood’s song Wasted she uses the lyric ‘that would be like pouring raindrops, back into a cloud’ to explain how useless and futile a situation is. The powerful image helps the listener to imagine how difficult the situation is because they can visualise it. In the musical the Sound of Music the song ‘How do you Solve a Problem like Maria?the nuns sing, ‘How do you keep a wave upon the sand?’ and ‘how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?’ Again you immediately realize how problematic Maria is because it is so beautifully described.

So in your next song, why not try to use your lyrics in a visual way and create an image for your listener – tweet your songs to @songacademyUK or email and the best descriptive lyric(s) will go up on the website!