My child does so many after school clubs – what makes Song Academy a ‘must have’ club?

No other after school club we know is as creative & effective at enabling children to express themselves through words & music PLUS gives them invaluable tools to achieve greater results at school and beyond.

What types of children benefit from Song Academy?

Song Academy meets the needs of many different types of children. For children who are performers, creative & imaginative, Song Academy is an opportunity for them to flourish and develop their talents. For children who are shy, Song Academy is an opportunity to build their confidence and shine. For children who need motivation to pursue their talents, Song Academy is an opportunity to be inspired, focused, empowered and find their voice. For creative children who find it difficult to get their ideas down on paper, Song Academy is an opportunity to express themselves in their lyric writing.

What are the key benefits children can expect to get out of Song Academy?

Members learn and practice expressing themselves through lyrics & music – setting free their thoughts & emotions. This ability to express themselves leads to wonderful songs and helps with English homework & any music practice, plus preparation for school exams and interviews. Members benefit from being in a stimulating environment where they’re practicing being leaders and working in a team. Members build a strong tool-kit of skills including creative thinking & writing, concentration, collaboration, communication and listening skills. Members develop their musicality by learning from professional singer songwriters and musicians and this boosts their motivation to practice their instrument or start learning one.

What goes on in the songwriting sessions?

At the start of the journey at Song Academy, each member is free to write about whatever comes to mind when beginning to create the lyrics for a song. There are no rules in terms of themes which is great as everyone gets to write immediately about something that matters to them, whether it be about something make believe, or real life. Once some ideas have been brainstormed that’s when they can start to be shaped into the structure of a song – the technical elements are discussed and fit around the ideas already there rather than rules and structures dictating or defining the lyrics which would stem the creative flow.

With this emphasis on the freedom of thought, each member of Song Academy excels in creating something honest and reflective of their inner thoughts, which boosts their confidence and conviction in their own ideas. The freedom of creativity generates a great excitement in every session as each song becomes so individual – everyone starts to get really excited about what other people’s songs are about which in turn makes it even more exciting when we do sessions performing to the group.

They learn about how to perform confidently and how to deal with nerves, as well as stage etiquette. Added to this they learn how to sing using microphones and how to project their voices – we do exercises to help with this and they learn various helpful singing tips to use either in performance or at home.

There is no competition, it’s a level playing field as each kid brings something unique and impressive to their own songs.

I’m new to Song Academy, can I book a trial session to see how my child enjoys it?

Absolutely. Please pay £25 for one session and choose to continue when you know your child enjoys our songwriting club.

What do children & parents say they love about Song Academy sessions?

Please see our testimonials on the right.

Does my child have to be able to read music or play a musical instrument?

Song Academy is for everyone, whether they can play a musical instrument or not. If your child does learn a musical instrument they can include their instrument in their song. Children include a melody they’ve made up for the instrumental part of their song and this can be played along with the professional band at the end of term gig.

Does Song Academy work for very shy children?

The open & stimulating environment of Song Academy is perfect for bringing out the inner confidence of children.

How much does a term cost?

The 10 weekly sessions per term cost £215. Weekly sessions are 60 minutes in length, with a maximum of 10 children in each session and both a Leader and assistant taking the sessions.

Do I have to do all the sessions?

You have to sign up to all the sessions (unless you’re doing a trial session). It is advised to attend all the sessions to get the most out of Song Academy.

What are the benefits of continuing participating in Song Academy term on term?

The mastery of songwriting is an ongoing creative process. There is so much to learn and experience and each song is unique and special in different ways. Children master creative writing techniques and develop their skills over time. In addition, the children become fascinated with how music is composed and term on term build on their knowledge and experience of composing.

What is our child protection and safeguarding policy?

We believe that songwriting is very important to promoting the imagination and creativity of a child. Our aim is that your children get the maximum enjoyment by providing a happy, caring and stimulating environment, fostering mutual respect and promoting self-esteem and confidence.


  • The standards we set ourselves are high. Our songwriting team have worked extensively with children and young people before, and take real pleasure from ensuring the programmes are rewarding and safe.   We have three prime principles:
    • To provide a safe environment
    • To encourage each child to reach their full potential as an individual
    • To create a fun environment that children will want to participate in

In order to achieve our aims, we urge you to make yourself familiar with the following information and guidelines.


from our Parents and Young Members

My daughter now writes songs all the time in her special songwriting book

Sarah, Mother

Lets their musical and creative side run free

Jo, Mother

My daughter sang her latest song in her interview for secondary school – wowed the interviewer & helped her stand out from the crowd – a perfect display of the skills that schools are looking for in candidates

Nick, Father

It’s fun and I can be a pop star

Kate, aged 9 years

Song Academy gives me an opportunity to express my feelings through song more effectively. I already enjoyed song-writing before but with the encouragement and guidance of the Song Academy team, I feel much more confident and I loved performing at the Troubadour!

India (14 years old)

India has loved music from an early age and is a keen singer and piano player – most of all, she loves to perform on stage! She attended a club for many years, mainly performing well-known pop songs but now she is older, she really enjoys composing her own songs. Where Song Academy differs is in giving the opportunity to both write and then perform your own songs with professional backing in a top venue. From the very first session with her small group, she felt very supported and at ease and looks forward to a fulfilling and productive hour of music-making each week.

Anne (mother of India)

Her participation in song academy has stretched her skills and provided her with excellent opportunities.

Music Teacher

Once again thank you for the hard work you and your team put into the end of term show. Your tireless effort and belief in young peoples talent is recognised. Gilska gave me a lecture on how passionate she is about Song Academy and its success and the confidence she has gained. So you have a fan for life.

Charmaine, parent