We’re super excited that Lottie Jenkins has joined our Young Ambassadors Board.  Lottie is a fabulous songwriter and leading voice on social media.  We recently caught up with Lottie to talk about all things songwriting!

What got you into music? Did you immediately start writing it or were you a fan for a bit first? I always was singing and performing from a young age. I began recorded my singing on my mums phone! I started writing my own lyrics to people’s songs as I couldn’t remember the words and then I began writing my own songs to my own melody!

What is your favourite part of the songwriting process? my favourite part is when you find that perfect lyric that fits just right with what you’re trying to say, and it just all works! It’s the best feeling

How do you usually start a song? How do you find that spark?  I normally start songs by finding chords and then a melody, from that I write the lyrics to the verse and find somewhere for the chorus to go! My spark always comes from emotion and how I’m feeling and always seems to make sense.

What achievement are you most proud of?  going to LA to record a music video is my proudest achievement, that was an amazing experience.

Which of your songs do you think is your best work and why?  my new release “stars” which will be released on the 10th April is my favourite song so far

Who would be your dream artist/writer/band to collaborate with? I would love to perform with Madison beer or Mabel! They’re who I’m mainly influenced by

Do you feel like you’ve mastered your craft or are you still learning? If you’re still learning, what’s your next milestone?  yes I think that you can’t stop learning when it comes to music! There is so much to discover. I am going to college this year where I will be learning much more about the music industry and will learn more about logic and online producing as well as making it as an artist

What would you say to someone aged 8-18 who is thinking about writing songs but hasn’t started yet? Or do you have any tips for 8-18 year old songwriters who are already writing?  if you haven’t started writing yet, I would say 1000% do it! You have nothing to loose and might get a killer song out of it! I would start with finding a melody- I’d you can’t play an instrument research online backing tracks and you can make a song up to one of them!

Favourites round! Don’t think about it, just say what first comes to mind. Who/what is your favourite:

Artist? Mabel

Songwriter? Ed Sheeran

Song? Decline by RAYE

Album? Bazzi – Renee’s story

Chord? Dm

Gig you’ve been to? Reading Festival

Lyric? love the way you lie

Genre? Pop

Catchphrase? “You’re Fired”

Fruit? Pomegranate

What’s your instrument of choice? Is there an instrument you would like to learn? Piano is my main instrument.

Do you have any hidden talents or party tricks? Fitness, tiktok

What are you non-musical hobbies?  Fitness, TikTok, Swimming, Boxing

What do you think matters most to 8-18 year olds?  Being accepted and being liked.

What do you like about Song Academy?  How they make all the entrants and students matter and feel accepted.