We’re thrilled that Miriam Nyarko has joined our Young Ambassadors Board!  She’s not only a fabulous singer/songwriter but also an impressive actress and dancer.  We got to talk to her about how she got into music, her tips for aspiring young songwriters, and so much more.

What got you into music? Did you immediately start writing it or were you a fan for a bit first?  I started singing in church at around 4 years old it wasn’t till 7 I starting getting lessons and then at 11/12 I started to get an interest in writing song (that weren’t very good) LOL x

What is your favourite part of the songwriting process?  Releasing thoughts in my head and just seeing what I can create. It’s freedom of … song ;)

How do you usually start a song? How do you find that spark?  It differs a lot of the time!! Depending on the vibe of the song or my inspiration a lot of the time I’ll find my melody and then just freestyle ; singing to my music or write based on current circumstances and peace it together. Chorus MOSTLY comes first !!

What achievement are you most proud of?  Performing an original at the Royal Albert Hall has to be one of my favourite moments!

Which of your songs do you think is your best work and why?  Either the song I wrote for my friend who passed away because I had a lot of emotion to feed off and it made the situation easier to deal with. Or my single that I released this year call ‘Step By Step’.

Who would be your dream artist/writer/band to collaborate with?  That’s a hard question because I have so many. But probably. Tori Kelly, John Legend or H.E.R.

Do you feel like you’ve mastered your craft or are you still learning? If you’re still learning, what’s your next milestone?  I feel like you can get to a place where you’re content with how you write and a way that always works but I don’t think you ever stop learning. I definitely have a lot more to learn and I definitely wanna release more music.

What would you say to someone aged 8-18 who is thinking about writing songs but hasn’t started yet? Or do you have any tips for 8-18 year old songwriters who are already writing?  Don’t wait for the perfect topic or perfect melody, the only way you can get better is if you start! Never stop writing because sometimes you’ll have a brilliant idea and other times you might have writers block which is okay. Be inspired by the things around you and stay true to your style!

Favourites round! Don’t think about it, just say what first comes to mind. Who/what is your favourite:

Artist? Tori Kelly

Songwriter?  Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, So many!!

Song?  I can’t choose!!

Album?  Inspired by true events – Tori Kelly

Chord?  F sharp minor … no explanation

Gig you’ve been to?  Does Beyoncé’s tour count as a gig?

Lyric?  Again I cannot choose.

Genre?  RnB

Catchphrase?  Everything Happens For A Reason

Fruit?  Fun fact I am allergic to A LOT of fruit.  But I eat grapes !!

What’s your instrument of choice? Is there an instrument you would like to learn?  Piano is my go to. And I’m currently learning guitar so I guess I want to continue learning that.

Do you have any hidden talents or party tricks?  My ankle is double jointed … it’s hard to explain.

What are you non-musical hobbies?  I’m also an actress for the bbc and I love to dance!

What do you think matters most to 8-18 year olds?  I think that varies because everybody’s lives and circumstances are different but I feel like it’s very easy to care about what people think about you in this generation and well … you just shouldn’t.

What do you like about Song Academy?  How it’s inspires kids to be themselves and opens many doors and opportunities for young songwriters.

Aged 8-18? Written your own original songs?
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