Congratulations to Daisy for being a Young Songwriter 2018 Finalist with her song ‘Interweaving’.  Here’s a bit about Daisy and her songwriting.

What inspired you to write your SAYS18 finalist song ‘Interweaving?  When I wrote Interweaving I had recently watched and read the Hunger Games Trilogy and was influenced by the story in the book and the music in the film. Interweaving is however more about the betrayed friendships and fights that everyone experiences at some time. It is about being caught in the middle of a fight between two friends and feeling trapped and confused. This song is about trying to figure out these problems, where you fit in and trying to forget and move on from them.

How long have you been writing songs? I’ve been writing songs since sometime last year.

How did you get into songwriting? My music teacher, Mo Westworth, started a band at school and she asked me to write a song for the band.

What does songwriting allow you to explore and achieve? It helps me to get all my anger/sadness/happiness out and I feel really proud after writing a song.

What’s your favourite part of the songwriting process? Definitely the lyrics! You can tell a story with them and I have always loved to write.

What’s the most difficult part of the creative process of songwriting for you? Finding interesting chord patterns that flow and reflect the mood of the song.

Do you start with lyrics or melodies/chords? Usually lyrics but sometimes if I have a good melody, I build a song around that.

What do you like about Song Academy and our Young Songwriter competition? It has inspired me to keep on writing songs and it is interesting to listen to amazing songs written by other people my age.

Who are your three favourite artists/songs? Sia – Big Girls Cry, Ed Sheeran – Castle On the Hill and Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound.

15 years from now you will be… Hopefully acting, dancing and singing!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not writing songs? Drama (I’m a member of a brilliant theatre company in Warwick called Playbox) and art/drawing.

Our SAYS18 winners will be announced on the 14th May at 6pm (GMT) on our Twitter channel.

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Young Songwriter 2018 Press Release Finalists Announced