Bored at home? Missing going to gigs? Need inspiration?  Then the Song Academy Sunday Songwriter Streams are just what you need! You’ll get a chance to hang out with some amazing songwriters & musicians, learn a thing or two and connect to kindred spirits.

Announcing our upcoming live streams with our Song Academy Young Ambassadors starting this Sunday 24th May from 5-6pm, once a week over the next 6 weeks!

This will be a chance for you to get to know our Young Ambassadors & learn how they write songs, collaborate with others and get creative. They’ll be playing music, chatting about how they write songs and where they get their inspiration from.  Plus they’ll answer questions from you guys about songwriting and anything music related!

We cannot guarantee that questions asked during the stream will be answered but we will try to make time for them! If you really want a question answered the best way is to comment on our Instagram post or submit to any stories asking for questions!  Song Academy instagram account:  song_academy

Who are The Song Academy Young Ambassadors?

Here’s a reminder…

Sebastian Croft

Andrea Turk

Cassa Jackson

Gus Harrower

Joshua Shea

Katie Kittermaster

Tabitha Jade

Roman Lewis

Jenk Oz

Miriam Nyarko

Natalie Shay

Kevin Jones

Ronnie Warwick

Lottie Jenkins

Stay tuned to our Instagram acount, song_academy or Facebook/Twitter channcels, SongacademyUK for latest news!