Brendan is part of the Song Academy songwriting clubs and workshops team.  One of his promoters in London has been quoted as saying: “He offers a wide variety of thoughtful and well-written original music that sparks emotion in the audience”.

We asked Brendan some questions to help aspiring young songwriters on their songwriting journey.

How old were you when you wrote your first song?  I was 11 years old when I wrote my song and it was called ‘Eyelock’

What was your first song about?  I coined the word ‘Eyelock’ thinking it sounded cool at the time and I guess it was about having that deeper connection with someone. I think was beyond my years!

Who inspired you to start songwriting?  I’d say listening to music by The Beatles from an early age inspired me to write songs particularly like John Lennon. He was so raw and I believed every word he said in his lyrics.

What’s your favourite song you’ve ever written?  A song called ‘How I’ll remember you’. I started writing it when my Nana became very Ill. However what I love about it is that I feel like I captured her life in 3 minutes of music and it’s a song to remember her by. Not just for me but for my whole family, so for this reason it is my most special song.

How easy did you find it to get your music heard?  I found it quite hard at the start because I didn’t really know where to place my music or who I needed to be sending it to. Networking and collaborating helped get the songs I wrote more exposure.

What’s your biggest regret as a young songwriter?
I wish I collaborated more as a young songwriter because it’s such a big thing for me now and I’m sure many other songwriters will agree that it’s so helpful being able to bounce ideas off of another creative mind.

What are your top tips for aspiring songwriters?   Be honest in your songs and write about what you know. You’re the expert on that!  I’d also say collaborate as much as possible because working with new people is really exciting and not being in your comfort zone is a good thing as a creative I think.

How do you write songs?  I often sit down with my guitar and just start playing a chord progression and start improvising melodies and lyrics. I always do this and it always leads to something. I once started a chord progression and I sang the words ‘Wish bone’. It had no meaning at the time but then I started talking about it with my collaborator and it became a really cool concept for us that we explored further! Also listen to conversations you’re not involved in. Sometimes someone can say something that would make a really nice lyric in a song.

What do you especially like about The Young Songwriter competition? I love how it’s open to literally anyone who wants to get their voice heard. It’s a great opportunity for some feedback on your songs from the best in the business too.

Are you aged 8-18?  Have you written your own songs?  Then enter The Young Songwriter 2019 competition!