Katrina is 10 years old, from Manchester.  Her song ‘Stars’ made the Top 30 in The Young Songwriter 2019 competition 8-12 years UK & Ireland Category.  Congratulations!  Here’s a bit about Katrina and her songwriting.

What inspired you to write your SAYS19 Top 30 song?  My teacher at school encouraged me to enter saying that my song has potential and its a good composition. However, what inspired me to write this song was, I was upset about some things that were happening in school with friends, so I’ve put it into words and express how I really felt. 

How long have you been writing songs?  I started in Year 3 at age 7.

How did you get into songwriting?  My older sister, who was also writing songs at that age, inspired me to write my own songs and experience a new perspective to express your feelings.

What does songwriting allow you to explore and achieve?  In my opinion, songwriting allows you to explore your own feelings and sometimes play around with your words, because you’re basically writing a story to share. What it allows you to achieve is that it improves your own skills in writing songs, so that you can be creative and confident enough to explore other new things and structures.

What’s your favourite part of the songwriting process?  My favourite part of the process is the chorus/bridge. I say the chorus, because that is the main part of the song and it has to attract people that they can actually sing along. I also like the bridge, because it opens a new perspective in the song.

What’s the most difficult part of the creative process of songwriting for you?  I would say it’s a bit harder to find your melody, because you want it to flow in with your lyrics. Your lyrics might be too short for the melody or might be too long. It needs to sound like your own with originality. 

Do you start with lyrics or melodies/chords?  I start with the melody, chords and then lyrics.

What do you like about the Young Songwriter competition?  What I like about the Young Songwriter competition is that when you listen to songs from children similar to your age, it gives you more ideas on how to improve your own or write your own. Then, you can create it into your own idea.

Who are your three favourite artists/songs? I like Cavetown, because his lyrics are really deep and well put together. His songs are also really catchy and that’s very important too. I like ‘Fight Song’, because every part of the song is strong and everything flows in. I also like ‘Fly me to the Moon’, because I like the structure of the song and the instrumentals.

10 years from now you will be… Although I have a passion for Music, I have a goal to be a successful Dermatologist in future, but I will still continue to explore and develop my skills in Music as my favourite quote ‘Music It’s not what I do, It’s who I am’.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not writing songs?  When I’m not composing songs, I’m drawing because I’ve learnt that you can also express your feelings through art and pictures too. 

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The Young Songwriter 2019 showcase & 10th anniversary of Song Academy celebration will be on Saturday 22nd June at 7pm at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London.