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Develop crucial transferable skills & confidence to attract the most opportunities at school & beyond

Perform your original songs at the end of term gigs

Build up an album of your own songs to share with friends & family and treasure forever

Stand out from the crowd at school, home, your community & the wider world

Get a competitive edge when being interviewed at 11+, 13+, sixth form or University interviews

Be part of a large community of songwriters across the world leading the generation Z conversation, using the power of song to shape the future

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Our Autumn Term 2020 online songwriting clubs are now full.  Please register your interest in our expanding Spring Term 2021 online songwriting clubs.

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A unique creative outlet to develop young people’s songwriting talents and, most importantly, their confidence and self-belief to articulate powerfully how they are feeling and important issues that affect them. In addition, our members develop their ‘soft skills’ like creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, listening, curiosity and inter-personal skills.  For one hour a week our members are part of a songwriting journey with a small group of peers and the Song Academy team of professional songwriters.  Term on term they will build an album of songs to treasure forever, as well as make friends and meet future collaborators.

Each online club has 4 aspiring young songwriters of the same ages and songwriting/musical experience. Clubs are led by our team of inspiring professional songwriters, packed full of fun and interesting songwriting briefs and using some exciting technologies to collaborate easily. We’re using Soundtrap and Zoom video meetings to give a brilliant experience of the songwriting process. Members just need a device with internet connection (computer, iPad etc) and an enthusiasm for music making and creative lyric writing!

Call 07710 023743 to discuss which groups will work best for your child or complete the booking/enquiry form below.


    Mondays – Fridays (one hour weekly)

    4:30-5:30pm GMT for aspiring young songwriters aged 8-12 and 13-15 and 16-18
    5:30-6:30pm GMT for aspiring young songwriters aged 8-12 and 13-15 and 16-18

    4:30-5:30pm CST for aspiring young songwriters aged 8-12 and 13-15 and 16-18

    1-2pm Hong Kong Standard Time for aspiring young songwriters aged 8-12 and 13-15 and 16-18

    Saturdays (two hours on 5 weeks of the term)

    3-5pm GMT for aspiring young songwriters aged 8-12 and 13-15 and 16-18

  • Autumn Term 2020

    Dates weeks commencing:

    14, 21, 28 September

    5, 12 October

    [Half term over the weeks commencing 19 and 26 October]

    2, 9, 16, 23, 30 November

  • Spring Term 2021

    Dates weeks commencing:

    11, 18, 25  January

    1, 8 February

    [no clubs on the half term week commencing 15 February]

    22 February

    1, 8, 15, 22 March

  • Price

    £155 for the term of 10 songwriting sessions.  Small groups of 4 aspiring songwriters and a Song Academy leader.  Includes a Soundtrap account. Choose the day/time that works best for you.

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Lets their musical and creative side run free

Jo, Mother

Song Academy gives me an opportunity to express my feelings through song more effectively. I already enjoyed song writing before but with the encouragement and guidance of the Song Academy team, I feel much more confident and I loved performing at the Troubadour!

India, aged 14

Selected Best Lyrics of last 5 years

Rumours, India

She felt like the last bit of ketchup in the bottle,
No matter how hard she tried,
But she just couldn’t get out of the bottom,
But she tried, she tried,
To survive
Her own demise

I’ll Be Me, Eloise

Maybe it’s time to change,
Turn a new page,
Start a new life,
And blow the crowd away,

Bitter Hell, Maria

Forever is a promise that you knew you couldn’t keep
Yet you made it and you lied and now we’re both left in the dark
Our memories are stories that we both forgot are real
They’re all truths within the lies and they’re everything we have (reapeat)

A wonderful life, Oscar

Wake up about 9am
Eat breakfast and I’m ready by ten
What a wonderful life
Wave goodbye then I’m out with my friends
Went to see a movie again
What a wonderful life

Mix it up a little
Put a smile on someone’s face
We’re all one part
Of the human race
Fill your life with joy
Try and make someone’s day
The boring life
You need to break away

Sometimes you need to live
Sometimes you need to learn
Sometimes you need to love
Sometimes you need to have fun

Paper Towns, Parson’s Green Group 2

I’m wondering round this vacant town, trying to clear my mind
Never had the words to fill these empty lines
I never used the time to say what I truly feel
Now that my thoughts have aligned, I’m out of time

We’re all so easy to tear and rip
We’re all paper thin
It feels like we’re imprisoned in
Unwritten words, hidden within
I’m going to tear it down
I’m going to breakout
I’m going to start a fire
In my paper town
I’m going to tear it down
I’m going to breakout
I’m going to start a fire
In my paper town

Prisoners, Luke

Everyone’s standing there
Not a thought, not a care
Striped suits, chained feet
Description of everybody that I meet
Why can’t we all be free?
Something separate, something unique?

You’re all just prisoners of your own accord, own accord
Break free, get out, unlock the door
You’re in a prison of the mind
C’mon and leave the system behind
Don’t listen to their lies
You can leave this world behind

We’re all trapped underneath
The glass ceiling of our own belief
There holding us down
So let’s light the fire of rebellion now

Build the barricades
Lock yours doors,
Shut your windows,
We don’t want this anymore
We don’t want this anymore

Expectations, Alex

Under pressure
There too much expectation
My heads going under
I can’t take any more

The work is building up
My time is spread to thin
I want to give up
But not start again
The work is building up
My time is spread to thin
I want to give up
But not start again

And oh oh oh I’m losing control
There has to be some way to escape this hole
Of work, expectation and indecision
My fears aren’t going to leave
So I guess
I’m gonna fight them oh oh
I’m gonna fight them
I’m gonna fight them oh oh
I’m gonna fight them

I’m starting to lose hope
Looks like there’s no escape
But I can’t give up now
I’ll just have to wait

Is there a light at the end of tunnel?
Is there a way to break out?
If I can stay strong
I’ll have something to be proud about
I’ll have something to be proud about

Torn Heart, Emma

I’ve got a torn heart
And I’m fighting a war against me
I’m trapped in my own past
I’m my own worst enemy
I’ve got my worries
Got my doubts, got my fears
I’m lost in fog it never clears
I’m split in half
With my torn heart

Lost In You, Spencer

With you I am invincible
With you the limit’s the sky
And when I see you smile
I feel like I can fly

Tell Me, Alison

Will you tell me you care
Will you tell you’re there
Just let me know, I’m alone
And I really need someone
And I’ll you tell me it’s fine
And will you tell you don’t mind
Just let me know, I’m alone
And I really need someone

All You Need To Do Is Sing, Florence

Middle 8
For a while I thought I was being a fool
But then I realised to have fun you don’t need to be coooool
Sometimes all you need to do is sing
To dance around and mess about
Sometimes you need to sing
To have some fun
And let it out

Sonny, Look at Me

Verse 1
Living in the city is so hard
Life’s never straight, it’s up and down
There’s never a time I can just say hey
Working hard is in my schedule day today

I’m so resilient, I’ll always persevere
All those government fools ‘tryna’ strike fear
Why is my destiny not near
Why is my destiny not clear

Look at me, look at me
Why, oh why, can’t I see
Why can’t I just step into the light
Tossin’ and turnin’ e-ve-ry night
Look at me, look at me
Why, oh why, can’t I see
Why can’t I just step into the light
Tossin’ and turnin’ e-ve-ry night

Verse 2
Where are you, you’re not here to help me through
I don’t have a single clue
Just get out my life, just get out you
Even when I’m not ill, I feel I’ve got the flu

Chorus x2

I’m a clueless freak, full of hate
I have to admit, my life’s not great
But you know what I’m gonna say,
Hey, fly away, fly away –
Pretty birdie just please fly
My wings are strong enough
To take me through the winters
And take me through the storms
The reality’s spiky – sharper than thorns
Chorus x2

FIND, Emma

You paid for a handful of soil with a body of blood
Don’t you ever get a little bit scared that you have far too much
Then one day you chose to build a wall
Told all the people that loved that they couldn’t anymore
Does no one want to ask why?
Why do we fight?
We’re all just humans
We love laugh and cry but
We don’t look for the answers we don’t want to find

Pink, Ottilie

Imagine if the world was pink,
It would be amazing,
Black won’t do, or really dark blue
I think, life would be excellent in pink
Pink poodles, fish,
Pink parrots and milkshakes,
Pink butterflies, pink hair,
If I was queen, I’d live in pink
Pink, pink, pink, everywhere!

My Beat, Eddie Beat, Eddie

I like music and I like noise,
Anything with a beat,
Makes me jump on my feet.

Feel the beat, try not to overheat,
Fly to a distant, distant galaxy
Cymbals are Saturn,
Bass drums are Jupiter,
Jump on a shooting star,
We’ll go far.

I like Lego,
When I’m not playing my cello,
Making balloon bombs,
I like singing songs!

Born and Raised, Fulham group2

The city is my homeland
But it’s different from my home
It’s where my life began
It’s a stepping stone
To wherever life may take me
I remember the love that raised me
The city is my homeland
But its doesn’t make who I am

Once I Escape, Spencer

I wanna dive down deep
To the bottom of the sea
Where I’ll be alone
With no noise around me
Or I’ll go up high
To the top of the night sky
Just me on my own
With a background of stars, I’ll be alright

I know that I’m just dreaming
But I know one day I’ll make it past this wall
And even though it’s going slow
One day I’m gonna make it through it all

I’ll be hidden from the people
All the cars and the street lamps
Will only just be memories
Of what I used to have
I’ll be sitting in my rocking chair
With some music in my ears
Once I escape
Once I escape from here

Society, Rue

When the sun rises
And the moon stops shining
It’s when the thoughts break through
And there escapes the truth

When you’re looking down at me
I can never be who I wanna’ be

Shine a light
Make it bright upon me
So you can be more understanding
Got me wondering ‘bout when I can
Finally break free

Cause you don’t know how it feels
To be isolated
With demons lurking round
It gets so frustrating
Have you ever felt like this
‘cause I’m looking at changing me
But maybe it’s time to change
Society, Society

People may push you down
But just keep a steady ground
‘Cause soon they’ll see
Karma comes back around

Hearts racing, I’m chasing
To turn it all around
And back to, a point where
I’d always be so proud
Of little me
But now I see

I Can Do Whatever I Wanna Do, Gabriel

I can be a dancer, I can be a popstar
I can be boxer or a teacher
I’m enjoying this world, I’m the
luckiest person
Cause I can do whatever I wanna do

Affections, Gilska

You hit me hard not physically
But with jealousy
A pain that lasts for a long long time emotionally
You play the game acting innocent, recklessly
Not a word, not a Sound, no more
Hiding around you got me viciously

You toyed with my affections
You left me with a broken heart
Now I realize
This is all a lie

Stay Strong, Matilda

And you just gotta,
stay strong, be wise
And let the person you deserve love you
Stay strong, hold tight
And keep on waiting for that perfect guy

I like Computer Games, Arthur

Verse 1
You can play games
Watch you tube
Life is good when you don’t have homework
All my friends
Are inside that cube
While my mum’s busy with her own work

Nothing’s Right, Scarlett

You, you just don’t care
I’m trying to make it right
I’m just a paper bag
Floating away
You, you just don’t care
I’m trying to make it right
I’m just a paper bag
Floating away
Away, away,
away, away
away, away,

Is This Reality, Oscar

Verse 2
Running far away, my demons chasing me
Running constantly, never getting my destiny
A world that doesn’t end keeps rolling on
A never ending earth, feels way too long

Is this reality or is this a dream
I’m waking up in the middle of a scream
Wish I could get myself out of bed
Something to erase these nightmares in my head

Roman, Bad or good

I hate going to sleep at night
But I love staying in bed in the morning
I love eating of all the time
But I hate not looking good

You might think I’m a little weird
But no not at all
I just sometimes feel things that seemmm

Chorus x4
Bad or good
Bad or good
These two words wrapped around my hood

I hate doing my homework
But I love getting good marks
I love playing all kinds of sport
But I hate not being first

Love, Lilah

How is it that one word can mean so many different things
To be shot by cupid’s arrow, it is love that gives us wings
To love a summer’s day, the way the sun feels on our skin
Or to love the ones we’re close to, who are faithful without sin

Frederick, Explosions with no blast

Verse 1
It feels like a resolution in my own revolution Yeah!
I can’t speak you’re my voice
Is it possible to fly with no wings
Can I lie with no reason
Can I fight with no evil
Can I use a sword for justice

Can I laugh with no humour
It’s like an explosion with no blast x2

Verse 2
Can I fly with no wing
Can I smile with no humour
Can I sing with no voice
Can I glide with no turbulence
Can I think with no mind
Can I see with no eyes

Baked Beans, Lilah

My head swirls around a confusing rejection
I’m an unfinished puzzle, I used to be perfection
Leave me on the shelf like a can of baked beans
I learnt the lesson that life ain’t always what it seems

Broken Poetry, Maria

I did not promise things would not
be broken,
But I said I’d never leave your side
Since you left I’ve been hoping I could live
Not just survive
Not just survive

Darling, I had no idea eternity would be
this short

You don’t know how it feels
When the person you’ve fought
the hardest for
Gives you up without a fight
Can’t you just please tell me that you miss me tonight?

Jenny, Puppet

Verse 1
You kept me locked away from the rest of the world,
Alone in the darkness, shivering in the cold.
You were pulling the strings for every move I made,
But you’ll never realised that it was a mistake