* Album release showcasing the top young songwriters around the world

* Judges included Tom Odell, Guy Chambers, Eg White, Imelda May & Lucie Silvas

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Song Academy is delighted to announce the release of the Song Academy Young Songwriter 2018 Compilation Album on Spotify, iTunes and other distributors through AWAL (Artists Without A Label). The album includes 24 tracks from the winners and selected finalists & highly commended of the 2018 Young Songwriter competition, which attracted outstanding young talent from 8-18 year olds around the world.

This album not only gives young songwriters a unique platform to get noticed by a larger audience and educate them in the digital world of e-commerce and the dynamics of the music industry, but it also provides them with their own revenue source. Links to the album on iTunes & Spotify are:

The Young Songwriter 2018 Album on iTunes

The Young Songwriter 2018 Album on Spotify

This year’s panel of award winning judges included:

Singer songwriters Tom Odell, Imelda May & Lucie Silvas, songwriters & producers Guy Chambers (for Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, & Mark Ronson), Eg White (Adele, Duffy, Take That, Pink), Tim Laws (Gabrielle, Lighthouse Family), Jessica Sharman (for Ward Thomas), Nicky Cox (editor, First News), Nigel Elderton (Chairman, PRS for Music) and Toby Davies (National Adviser Rock & Pop, Trinity College London).

The prestigious Song Academy Young Songwriter competition has gone from strength to strength since it’s launch in 2012 and is now the leading songwriting competition for young people aged 8 to 18 across the world with a strong sense of community. It’s a springboard for the next generation of creative stars to get noticed by key players in the music industry, build confidence, have their voices heard and shine in the limelight. The 2018 competition attracted circa 500 high quality entries from cities across the world, from London, Dublin, Cairo, Helinski, Johannesburg, Nashville, New York, Reykjavik, Zagreb to Melbourne.

Tom Odell, singer songwriter said “When I was 13 years old I started writing songs, and over the following years I became more and more obsessed with it.  But the thing that always kept me awake at night was how to get them out there for people to hear them. This is why I think The Song Academy Young Songwriter competition is a great way to inspire and help through this process, and its something I wish had been around when I was starting out.”

Guy Chambers, songwriter & producer said “It’s a huge pleasure to be a part of this years judging panel for the Song Academy Young Songwriter 2018. I have always been a supporter and nurturer of young talent, so it will be great to see what this year’s competition has to offer.”

Imelda May, singer songwriter said “I’m very glad to be part of The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2018 judging panel. Good songwriting is the foundation of all good music. This competition is also simply a great way for songwriters to meet other like minded people and I’m happy to encourage anyone to connect and excel in this beautifully expressive art form and cannot wait to hear the songs.”

Simon Barber & Brian O’Connor, founders of Sodajerker said “Judging the 2018 Young Songwriter competition was a fascinating experience, not only because of the wonderful breadth of talented writers who submitted work, but also because of the incredible range of responses that the songs elicited from the judges. It was heartening to see each judge devote such a great deal of time and attention to thinking about the qualities of each song, and whatever the outcome, all finalists should be proud to have reached that stage of the competition. We are delighted to play a small role in such a fantastic scheme led by such a generous organisation. The opportunity that it offers young songwriters to be heard by leading figures in the music industries is second to none.”

Rowena Atkins, Founder of Song Academy, says: “Here at Song Academy, we are aiming to give young people a voice, help them to express themselves powerfully and celebrate their individuality. By connecting them to a vibrant community of their peers who all love writing original songs, as well as exposing their songs to key players in the Music Industry, we build young people’s confidence, self-belief and help them achieve their potential.”


Who are we? A Song Academy overview

Founded 9 years ago, Song Academy champions young people aged 8-18 and is nurturing the next generation of songwriters & creative leaders.

Our uniqueness is that we focus on the creative process of songwriting – writing powerful lyrics and composing interesting melodies & instrumental parts. We develop songwriters’ skills to write a song that touches, moves and inspires people – either hit songs with mass appeal or for a niche audience. In a world of the X-factor, Britain’s got talent and the quest for instant fame, Song Academy offers a refreshing spotlight on the heart of songs – the words & melodies and enables young songwriters to build strong and sustainable careers.

Song Academy runs after-school clubs, holiday workshops, school workshops, birthday parties and an annual international Young Songwriter competition. As a result of our programmes, we have seen a direct correlation in the increase and advancement of confidence, self-esteem, creativity, motivation, well-being and technical song-writing ability in our members.

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