The ‘Friends of Lindi’ charity in Tanzania, led by the Scorer family produced this moving video at a school they support in the Lindi region. The children are singing ‘Right To Be Loved’, which was written by Song Academy members (Emma Whiley, Spencer Winningham, India Whitehurst, David Zazo, Claudia Namor, Ginevra Benedetti, Gilska Weerakkody, Ella Bleakley, Max Elliot, Lilah Atkins and Roman Lewis) to raise awareness for a good cause, the right to be loved for every child.

This rare footage offers the opportunity to see the daily routine and everyday life of school kids in a rural region of Tanzania and makes a clear statement, that every child has the right to be loved and to be raised and taken care of with respect, empathy and without violence.

The Lindi Region in South-East Tanzania belongs to the poorest areas of the country. The major economic opportunity are Cashew Nut and Cassava, the majority of people in the region live based on subsistence agriculture. Although being mentioned in the Lonely Planet and other travel guides, Lindi does not see many tourists and it is hard to reach, even for backpackers.

After living and working in Lindi, South East Tanzania with VSO for 3 years Steve and Sue Scorer could not leave without continuing the help they had started to give to local people in need. Initially this was in the form of sponsoring two local children to attend the only English Medium Primary School in the town. With the help of friends and family this number has now grown to six. Other projects have followed as funds have been raised. In January 2018 the Charities Commission registered Friends of Lindi. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and hardship by providing the best quality education they can afford to break the cycle of deprivation and lack of opportunities, particularly for girls and women.

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