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Both inspire your pupils to write their first song and develop the songwriting talents of those who are already creating an album of songs


Helps your pupils find their voice – powerfully expressing their feelings about issues that are important to them

Enriches the school’s PSHE & Wellbeing programmes

Helps reach musical pupils who aren’t part of the choirs or orchestras

Pupils’ creative skills are stretched from working with specialist professional songwriters.

Provides a unique PR tool, giving exposure to the music department & the school

Helps your pupils’ develop a skillset crucial to the next generation of creative leaders

Encourages collaborations between pupils – budding lyricists, musicians & producers

Gives pupils the opportunity of being part of a wider community of young songwriters passionate about songwriting and making a difference

Entering The Young Songwriter 2021 competition sets an the inspiring goal of writing & completing songs to enter between 1st February & 31 March 2021

Songwriting Workshops

We can help your pupils get ready to enter The Young Songwriter 2021 competition.  Our songwriting workshops in schools are a perfect catalyst to spark ideas for writing a first song or developing songs already started. They give musical pupils an opportunity to learn from professional songwriters and have an extended songwriting tool-kit to develop their own songs.

Workshops are tailored to the needs of the group of pupils.  Past workshops have focused on general songwriting techniques & inspiration, lyrics & melodies, composition, production & recording.

Songwriting workshops in different formats from 1, 2 or 3 hour workshops to a whole day.

Please complete the enquiry form to find out more about our songwriting workshops in schools.

Songwriting Clubs

A fun and rewarding after-school club for creative & musical pupils.  Perfect for showcasing the creativity & courage of your pupils to new parents and giving your pupils an outlet to find their voice and showcase their creative talents.

Our clubs develop pupils’ creative lyric writing, improvisation of melodies, harmonies & rhythms and composition of instrumental parts. Improvisational and compositional techniques are explored at different levels depending on abilities.

Check out our online songwriting clubs which are running inside and outside of schools.

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“It has been such a pleasure to introduce Song Academy at our school; the children absolutely love their sessions, and some of our most shy children have surpassed themselves by gaining the confidence to get up on stage and sing their songs. Tali and Josie are inspirational leaders and I can’t wait until next term’s gig! Song Academy is a wonderful organisation that really champions and develops the artistic and creative abilities in young people – it is reassuring that such organisations exist at this time when the Arts are so undervalued and in danger of being marginalised in education.”

Mrs SilvesterDirector of Music, St Swithun’s Junior School