NEXT STEP is to pay for your song entry.  Each song entry costs £10 (to cover administration costs).  If you’d like expert feedback on your song (covering lyrics, melodies & production/structure) please choose the option for entering & feedback.

After paying, share with the SAYS19 community how you write songs.
Many books have been written about how to write a hit song! It’s now time for you to share how you write your songs.

Young Songwriter 2019 entrants will have the opportunity of winning a Farida acoustic guitar (retail price £179) for sharing how they write songs (posts via Instagram, Facebook or YouTube including #SAYS19 #ThisIsHowIDoIt). It can be any part of the songwriting process from how to get in the creative mood to how you come up with lyrics, melodies and chords. All entrants with interesting posts will be put in a hat and the winner picked out on 7th April.

NB Please email us your song if you’re using SoundCloud (click ‘share via email’ from SoundCloud)

Please pay for your song to be entered
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