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Message to Teachers

Why is songwriting so beneficial to your pupils? We believe that songwriting and music can transform the lives of young people by helping them find their voice. Young people are growing up in a competitive, fast changing & potentially isolating environment, which can cause various pressures and lead to issues with their mental health. Through […]

Writing songs boosts mental health

This week it is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, hosted by @mentalhealthfoundation. The theme this year is connecting with nature, so we’ve decided to create a Spotify playlist of songs about nature that may help you think about the world around us and see the benefits of nature when it comes to mental health. We are also huge believers […]

Right To Be Loved single has a universal timeless message

The writing of ‘Right To Be Loved’ was the first collaborative project led by Song Academy.  The idea was sparked during a meeting between Rowena Atkins, CEO of Song Academy and Jo Garofalo, founder of Voice In A Million (the promoter of school singing events with the ambition to positively change the perception of Adoption […]

Summer collaboration competition

Song Academy Summer Collaboration Competition Open for submissions – entry deadline is 24th August We’ve had the tagline ‘Express Yourself’ since we founded Song Academy 11 years ago and we want to write a song to celebrate it! We’d like as many young people as possible to contribute to the lyrics, melodies, composition & music […]

The Young Songwriter 2020 competition highlights

It’s only July and 2020 has already been a rollercoaster year for many of us, with all sorts of ups, downs, twists and turns. We thought it would be good to look back on the incredible past few months we’ve had at Song Academy, and all the positives that have come from not just 2020’s […]

August online songwriting workshops

We’re calling creative & musical young people to join our online songwriting workshops this August! With 11 years experience developing songwriting programmes, these workshops are perfect for those wanting to write their first song or those already developing an album of original songs.  Develop your songwriting skills and collaborate with kindred spirits. Choose from 3 […]

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