Get ready to enter The Young Songwriter 2022 competition!

Championing youth creativity and originality.  Supporting the mental health of young people.  Listening to the unheard youth and giving them a platform to share what’s important to them.  Connecting young songwriters across the world, to collaborate and lead the future of music.  Nurturing the next generation of creative leaders from diverse backgrounds

Star Judges include Tom Grennan, Amy Wadge, Miranda Cooper, Tom Odell, Eg White, Jimmy Napes, Emily Phillips, Plested, Hannah V, Sodajerker, Sacha Skarbek, Calum Scott, Dan Gillespie Sells, Janet Devlin & Grace Davies

In its exciting 12th year, the Song Academy Young Songwriter #SAYS22 competition champions youth creativity, giving them a golden opportunity to get their songs heard by a star-studded judging panel, get recognition for their creative talents, connect to other young songwriters and win some incredible prizes.

With over 1,000 entries in 2021, #SAYS22 aims to reach even more young people writing songs in their bedrooms around the world, as well as inspiring beginners from all backgrounds to write their 1st song! The future of music and all creative industries will be a bright, inclusive and diverse one.

Song Academy gives the unheard youth a voice and platform to express themselves and be heard. Each year, the songs entered give a clear indication of the emotions, preoccupations, and insights of a generation. Lockdown, social media, the environment, love, rejection, home life, self-doubt, human rights, family and friends are subjects which often feature. These songs have the power to unite a generation and lead social change, to shape the future.

Fraser T Smith, songwriter, producer says “With so much going on in the world, it’s never been more vital for young people to be able to channel their energy and emotions into something positive, which is what The Young Songwriter competition encourages and facilitates through songwriting. Every young person has something to say, a story to tell, or a message to share – that’s why Song Academy is so important to our community.”

Tom Odell, singer/songwriter, says “When I was 13 years old I started writing songs, and over the following years I became more and more obsessed with it, but the thing that always kept me awake at night was how to get them out there for people to hear them. This is why I think the Song Academy Young Songwriter competition is a great way to inspire and help through this process, and it’s something I wish had been around when I was starting out. I can’t wait to hear the songs!”

Official sponsors of The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2022 competition are YouTube Music, Yamaha, Soundtrap, Focusrite, PRS for Music, IK Multimedia, ICMP and Orange Learn.

SAYS22 partners include: SAYS22 Partners include First News, Amazing Radio, Ivors Academy, FAC, SoundCity, AOC, MUSIC:ED, The Troubadour, Sing Up, & Fun Kids Radio.

The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2022 competition is looking for pure, fresh songwriting talent. Songs will be judged on their originality, lyrics, melody, composition, and potential to be a smash hit! There’s no need to enter professional recordings, however a good recording can help to enhance the impact of songs.

If you know aspiring young songwriters or musical young people who’d like to write their first song, please encourage

them to enter!  All information is at

Announcement to young people:

Calling all aspiring young songwriters, creative writers & musicians!

Aged 8-18? Written your own original songs? Fancy writing your first song?

…Then get ready to enter The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2022 competition!

Open for entries from 1st February to 31st March 2022, from around the world.

Get your songs heard, stand out, connect to other young songwriters and win some great prizes (including

£1,000 of Yamaha equipment, a recording studio session with a top producer & song feedback from our star-studded

judging panel).

With judges including Tom Grennan, Amy Wadge, Plested, Miranda Cooper, Tom Odell, Jimmy Napes, Calum Scott, Sacha Skarbek & Janet Devlin this year is set to be bigger than ever!

Check out our songwriting workshops and feedback services, as well as how to enter The Young Songwriter 2022 competition #SAYS22


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Founded 13 years ago, Song Academy is dedicated to the future of music and the wellbeing of young people aged 8-18. Our mission is to help children from all backgrounds find their voice and find their tribe, through writing their own original songs at a formative time of their life. We aim to take them from their first song to developing their first album. We nurture young writers, artists, musicians, producers and creative thinkers, empowering young people to achieve their full potential and shape their future.

Our focus is on the craft of songwriting, creating lyrics and music. We believe that songwriting and music can transform the lives of young people. Young people are growing up in a competitive, fast-changing and potentially isolating environment, leaving them vulnerable to various pressures and issues with their mental health. Songwriting enables young people to communicate their thoughts and feelings and connect to others. Through this creative and therapeutic process, they can discover their identity, overcome challenges, feel empowered, and advance their general writing and social skills. Not only can the songs they write advance potential musical careers, but also spark debate, build connection with peers and shape their future.

Song Academy runs after-school clubs, holiday workshops, school workshops, birthday parties and an annual international Young Songwriter competition. As a result of our programmes, we have seen an increase in confidence, self-esteem, creativity, motivation, well-being and technical songwriting ability of our members.


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