Perfect Christmas presents for aspiring young songwriters & musicians

Christmas presents that make a difference.  Our new Christmas gift vouchers give the unique and long-lasting gift of songwriting to musical young people.

Whether it’s Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, young people love their music and being pop stars.

Song Academy gift vouchers are perfect presents from grandparents, aunts uncles & godparents.  They give a unique experience which is both fun & creative and builds long-lasting musical, lyrical, production & social skills.  We help musical & creative young people to write their best songs yet, building their confidence and helping to get their creative talents recognised.

Vouchers are both for young people who are already writing their own songs and wanting to develop their talents and those who are musical & creative and would love the idea of writing their 1st song!

When your child’s grandparents, godparents or uncles and aunts ask ‘ what does Matilda want for Christmas?’  you can answer ‘a Song Academy gift voucher’!

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