The Young Songwriter 2021 album – out now!

Star Judges included Fraser T Smith, Tom Grennan, Miranda Cooper, Tom Odell, Eg White, Emily Phillips, Iain Archer, Hannah V, Calum Scott, Michelle Escoffery, Eg White, Dan Gillespie Sells & Janet Devlin

Song Academy is delighted to announce the release of The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2021 Album on Spotify, Apple Music and many other distributors through AWAL (Artists Without A Label). The album includes 27 tracks from the winners and selected finalists of the 2021 Young Songwriter competition, which attracted outstanding young talent from 8-18 year olds around the world.

The Song Academy Young Songwriter (SAYS) competition champions youth creativity, giving them a golden opportunity to get their songs heard by a star-studded judging panel, get recognition for their creative talents, connect to other young songwriters and win some incredible prizes.  SAYS21 attracted 1,031 high quality entries from around the world.

The Young Songwriter 2021 album on Spotify

The Young Songwriter 2021 album on Apple Music

Artists/songwriters featured on The Young Songwriter 2021 album

227 by Aleks Kostov
All It Takes by Hetta Falzon
Clapham Junction by Joe Lever
Colourful by Evangeline Durupt
Did I? by Isla Campbell
Drowns Me Out by Taia Thompson
Express Yourself by Song Academy
Fireflies by Lily Criddle
Girl In The Dress by Lois Brooks
Golden Days by Lily Carroll
Graffiti On The Wall by Alexis Gail Roley
Honey, by Clara Freeman
How To Be Vulnerable by Emily Semple
Illusion by Johnny Beau
Laying on Mars by Benjamin Frere
Lost Myself by Jo MacKenzie
My Friend in Miami by Venice and Belle Herrera
People Like You by Pip Lewis
Right To Be Loved by Song Academy
Sing It Out by Song Academy
Stardust by Kelty Parker
Talk by Benjamin Magro
Talks Too Much by Leona Mae
Teardrops by Nelly Bingham
The Astronaut’s Song by Michael Abimanyu Kaeng
Voices by Macy O’Neill
We’re Not Lonely Anymore by Lexie Carroll
Who am I? by Tamara Yasin

If you know aspiring young songwriters or musical young people who’d like to write their first song, please encourage them to check out for all information about The Young Songwriter 2022 competition.

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