Song Academy Top Trumps Young Songwriters

Create your own top trumps card, celebrate your creative talents and get to know more about aspiring young songwriters around the world!  The Song Academy Top Trumps Young Songwriters new initiative aims to connect young songwriters aged 8-18 around the world, sparking new collaborations, showcasing their creative talents and nurturing new leaders in the Music Industry.

We’re launching a new Top Trumps Young Songwriters initiative on Instagram & Facebook to encourage connections and collaborations between young songwriters around the world and have a bit of fun!

If you’d like to create your card please tailor the image below (right click to download it) and email your card to  Plus please share with your followers and tag us (Instagram song_academy Facebook songacademyUK).

We can also create your card.  Please email a photo/avatar and answers to the following questions to

Top Trumps File: Your name!
Favourite genre:
Musical Hero:
Instruments played:
Lyrical genius (out of 100)
Melody Master (out of 100)
Production Wizard (out of 100)
Number of songs written:
Life Motto:

We’re looking forward to seeing your cards and connecting you to our vibrant community of young songwriters!

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