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Star Judges include Fraser T Smith, Amy Wadge, Miranda Cooper, Tom Grennan, Eg White, Emily Phillips, Plested, Hannah V, Calum Scott, Sodajerker, Sacha Skarbek, Dan Gillespie Sells & Janet Devlin

Good news! The Young Songwriter 2023 competition #SAYS23 is now open for entries!  We’re calling all young people aged 8-18 who love songwriting, singing, music, composing and creative writing to get their original songs ready to enter #SAYS23.

In its 13th year The Young Songwriter 2023 (SAYS23) competition is the world’s leading songwriting competition for aspiring songwriters, aged 8-18 (under 19 years), to get their songs heard by leaders in the industry, get recognition & connect to a talented tribe of young songwriters across the world – as well as winning some incredible prizes. It’s aimed at both aspiring young songwriters who already have some experience, and those writing their first song!

The Young Songwriter competition stands for the craft and art of songwriting in its purest form, enabling young songwriters to aspire to the very best melody, lyric, structure, concept, harmony, mood and impact a song can have. It inspires young people to think about and speak up about things that are important to them personally, in their community and in the wider world and get their voices heard. It’s a supportive community where young people feel brave and can express themselves, celebrate individuality and be themselves. The benefits from this unique community are far reaching, especially the positive boost to mental health.

With around 1,000 entries in 2022, #SAYS23 aims to reach even more young people writing songs in their bedrooms around the world, as well as inspiring beginners from all backgrounds to write their 1st song! The future of music and all creative industries will be a bright, inclusive and diverse one.

Each year, the songs entered give a clear indication of the emotions, preoccupations and insights of a generation. Social media, the environment, love, rejection, home life, self-doubt, human rights, family and friends are subjects which often feature. These songs have the power to unite a generation and lead social change, to shape the future.

Amy Wadge (songwriter and SAYS23 judge) ‘It’s been an absolute privilege to listen to so much young talent, this competition is so important not only to showcase young talent but to also give an opportunity to be heard by the music industry from a young age – I’m very confident that the future of music is in some of the songwriters I’ve listened to for this!”

Fraser T Smith (songwriter, producer and SAYS23 judge) says “With so much going on in the world, it’s never been more vital for young people to be able to channel their energy and emotions into something positive, which is what The Young Songwriter competition encourages and facilitates through songwriting. Every young person has something to say, a story to tell, or a message to share – that’s why Song Academy is so important to our community.”

The Young Songwriter 2023 competition is sponsored by YouTube Music, Soundtrap, Focusrite, Yamaha, ICMP and PRS for Music

The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2023 competition is looking for pure, fresh songwriting talent. Songs will be judged on their originality, lyrics, melody, composition, and potential to be a smash hit! There’s no need to enter professional recordings, however a good recording can help to enhance the impact of songs.

If you know aspiring young songwriters or musical young people who’d like to write their first song, please encourage them to check out for all information.

Suggested announcement to young people:


Calling all young songwriters, singers, musicians & producers!

Aged 8-18 (under 19)? Written your own original songs? Fancy writing your first song?…Then get ready to enter The Song Academy Young Songwriter 2023 competition! Now open for entries until the 31st March 2023, from around the world.

Star-studded judges (including Fraser T Smith, Plested, Amy Wadge, Jimmy Napes & Calum Scott) & fantastic prizes (including a Yamaha instrument worth up to £1,000, home studio set-up, a recording studio session with a top producer & performing at The Young Songwriter 2023 showcase!).

Check out for all information, plus songwriting tips and guidance.

Tom Odell, singer/songwriter, says “When I was 13 years old I started writing songs, and over the following years I became more and more obsessed with it, but the thing that always kept me awake at night was how to get them out there for people to hear them. This is why I think the Song Academy Young Songwriter competition is a great way to inspire and help through this process, and it’s something I wish had been around when I was starting out.”


SONG ACADEMY – helping every child find their voice

Founded 14 years ago, Song Academy is the leading songwriting platform for young people. Song Academy’s vision is to help every child, regardless of background, express themselves powerfully by writing their own songs at a formative time of their lives.  Inspiring young people to express themselves and share their songs has a transformative impact on their well-being self-esteem, confidence, creativity and motivation to achieve their potential

Song Academy has a unique proposition which is focused on young people and the creative process of song writing – unlocking and channelling creative potential.  In today’s competitive market with pressures on mental health and a decline in music education in schools, Song Academy’s proposition has never been so important.

Song Academy runs after-school clubs, holiday workshops, school workshops, birthday parties and an annual international Young Songwriter competition.

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