Songwriting workshops this Autumn half-term

We’re calling all young people who love music, singing & writing lyrics!  Join our songwriting workshops this Autumn half-term.  It’s a perfect opportunity, in a condensed time frame, to write an original song with professional songwriters.  Some groups for beginner to advanced young songwriters aged 8-18.  Get creative, express yourself and find your voice! Songwriting workshops are both in London and online.

Our holiday songwriting workshops are a perfect opportunity, in a condensed time frame, to write an original song with professional songwriters. Participants will develop their lyrical & musical skills with new ideas and techniques.  They will develop their confidence and ability to express themselves…as well as meeting other like-minded young creatives and having a lot of fun!

Small groups for beginners and those already writing their own songs and wanting some inspiration/guidance.

Here are some of the reasons why parents love their children taking part in our songwriting workshops.

  • My child already loves writing her own songs in her bedroom and really benefits from the guidance and inspiration from Song Academy to make her songs the best they can be.
  • My child loves singing and loved the challenge to develop her skills and write her own songs to sing.
  • My child has been a fantastic singer, but his voice is starting to break and writing his own songs filled the void of not singing as much.
  • My child is learning a musical instrument but isn’t that motivated to practice her grade pieces. Writing her own songs and accompanying herself brings her instrument to life and it’s played a lot more.
  • My child loves music and really enjoyed the freedom of writing her own lyrics and making up melodies.  She now writes songs the whole time.
  • My child was super shy and writing her own songs in a supportive & nurturing environment has given her a boost of confidence and she’s proud of what she has to say through her songs.

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