The Young Songwriter 2020 competition highlights

It’s only July and 2020 has already been a rollercoaster year for many of us, with all sorts of ups, downs, twists and turns. We thought it would be good to look back on the incredible past few months we’ve had at Song Academy, and all the positives that have come from not just 2020’s Young Songwriter Competition, but everything else we’ve done.

We figured the best way to do that would be with a video that sums up our last few months, we hope you enjoy it!


None of this would have been possible without YOU and we want to thank all of you who entered the competition, attended a songwriting club (online or in real life!), liked or commented on our posts, or told a friend about what we do. We’ve been able to build up an amazing community of Young Songwriters and we hope to keep on building it! Our mission is to help every child find their voice… we’re excited about the future. Next opportunity to get involved are our online songwriting workshops in August!

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